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 What's On? 

Rajesh and Naresh
On Demand @Ed Fringe

Rajesh and Naresh will be streaming On Demand for the duration of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as part of Summerhall's programme. Available 6-29th August.

Follow @RajeshandNaresh for more news about in-person productions in the future.

Whalesong at the Greenhouse Theatre (presented by Patch Plays)
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A rhythmic experience of our seas. Whalesong invites us to discover the communication and social relationships of the largest mammal on Earth.

A short play presented as part of a night of four plays on animal ethics and the environment, at London's first zero-waste theatre. Tickets free, but require registering.

Interview appearing on the Love & Citizenship Podcast

Pranav Darshan and I sit down for a chat on the Love & Citizenship podcast. We talk about the process behind my playwriting, non-anthropocentric universes, and the responsibilities and ethics around working on Rajesh and Naresh. 49 mins.

Available on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. Look for Episode #3 with James Ireland.

The Emoji Project at Camden Fringe Festival
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The Emoji Project is an intergenerational, participatory anthology of new writing responding to emojis as an ever-evolving, nuanced language.


Playing at the Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington (London), and streaming online 12th-14th August. Follow @distractedrat for more info and for announcements on streaming the production.


The piece features a section by James Ireland about lobster emojis, trans rights, and Charlie Craggs' 'Claws Out' activism campagin.

Cáithnín Published by Fishamble

My tiny play Cáithnín has been published online by Fishamble Theatre Company as part of 'Tiny Plays for a Brighter Future' with ESB.

It's all about climate collapse, landscape, language, and deep time - and it's only 600 words long.

Oxygen Published by Fishamble TinyPlayChallenge

Whilst Ireland was locked down in 2020, Fishamble wanted people to keep their creativity flowing by challenging people in Ireland and around the world to write 600 word Tiny Plays.

My tiny play Oxygen was written in response to one of the challenge's prompts, and published online in April 2020.