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Photography by James Ireland   

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Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Unity Theatre with Homotopia Festival, Liverpool, 2021

On Demand with Summerhall at Ed Fringe, 2021

Theatre Deli, London, 2019

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Photography by James Ireland

Press and Reviews

The Stage - 4****

"funny and charmingly performed with some big, heart-swelling emotional moments, including a tender coming-out scene"

"a heart-on-its-sleeve love story"


Voice Mag - 5*****

"Rajesh and Naresh is a must-watch show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe that entertains and tugs at the heartstrings"

"Vasantha and Ramana both move between moments of vulnerability, to confidence and humorous playfulness, all while retaining the interest and investment of the viewer [...] worthy of praise throughout."


The Student (Edinburgh) 

"Vasantha is brilliant throughout. His comic timing is impeccable"

"the human element of the play is truly well crafted, and the heartfelt ending genuinely leaves you feeling happy and satisfied at how it all pans out"

"a wonderful little play [...] if you get the chance to see this show in person, do."




Theatrical Poster by Arjun Singh

About the Play

A feel-good love story for the modern age.

Rajesh is a British Asian banker in London who parties hard but feels like he’s missing something. Naresh is a Rajasthani cricket bat maker who’s so awkward around love he’s on the verge of giving up. When Rajesh’s mother suggests he visits India (to find a wife), he encounters Naresh out clubbing and sets off sparks that neither of them can deny.

But when it then becomes time to bring a man back home to his mother, Rajesh wonders if love can ever have a happy ending. Set just after India’s landmark decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2018, Rajesh and Naresh is a Queer romantic comedy for the modern age.

Rajesh and Naresh was written from a series of workshops conducted with the creative ensemble & members of the Queer South Asian community in London and abroad.

First staged at Theatre Deli, London, December 2019,

With the following team

Produced by Arjun Singh, Sophie Cairns, and ŠITE Productions

Performed by Brahmdeo Ramana and Madhav Vasantha

Directed by Sophie Cairns

Written by James Ireland

Devised by The Ensemble: Arjun Singh, Sophie Cairns, Brahmdeo Ramana, Madhav Vasantha, and James Ireland.

Set Design by Alex Berry

Costume by Kate Bauer

With thanks to our interview and research participants: AS, SR, VR, PD, NS, and NK.

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Twitter @RajeshandNares1

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