Photography by James Ireland   

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My Lover was a Salmon in the Climate Apocalypse

Winner of the STAGING CHANGE x VAULT award for environmentally-conscious theatremaking

Postponed: VAULT Festival, London, Feb 2022

Photography by Rory Gradon and Kate Bauer

Winner of the Staging Change x VAULT Award

Awarded to a piece of work that demonstrates exemplary awareness and consideration of its environmental impact, and celebrates work being made in a way that is environmentally conscious and rooted in the climate crisis


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About the Play

A gig theatre call to arms.

Humanity fucked the ecosystem. But humanity’s just a shit side branch of fish evolution. Solution’s clear. Join our Irish gig theatre call to arms, and return to being a fish.

Our main character has a revelation: salmon are animals with a consciousness instead of food to be farmed. Their deep empathy culminates in thinking they’re a salmon themselves. But maybe there’s something to it. This could be the start of a new movement of climate revolution.


We use salmon as a focus to tear down global chains of industrial food production, ecological destruction, colonialism, and capitalism’s march towards collapse. With live music - Irish trad blended with contemporary electronic - and audience interaction. We peer out at you and remind you 350 million years ago you were fish too. Our skeletons are almost identical: humanity is part of the ecosystem we’re destroying, never separate.

Creative team

Produced by James Ireland and bradán theatre

Directed by Kate Bauer

Written by James Ireland

Performer announcements coming soon

About bradán theatre

Kate Bauer and James Ireland met in Dublin on a theatre undergrad in 2012. We are Queer theatremakers from a generation young enough to know that capitalism and the climate catastrophe has taken our futures. We have a vision for creating art that laughs at power, and focuses on audience experience - bringing them along for the journey (often as participants). We believe the only reason left to create work is to change the world before it’s too late. We’ve created a number of shows as long term collaborators at venues including Pleasance London, Edinburgh Fringe, and various venues in Dublin. This is our first show under company name bradán.

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Photography by Rory Gradon and Kate Bauer