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About the play


Giant Catfish have invaded and eaten all of Britain. It’s a colonial nightmare. 20 years ago seven people went on a holiday to Albufeira, and whilst they were away scores of hungry slimy catfish devoured their partners and their friends and their homes. Stuck in Portugal, huge, horrible questions fuelled a split in their friendships and they broke into two competing gangs. Where’s better, the pool or the beach? Both sides thought they knew.


Now the people-devouring catfish have reached Portugal - and it's time for our heroes to finally fight back.

This may look like a comedic story of summer holiday mafias and giant fish, but it's really about conflict, power, and land (or water). Imagine coming face to face with the monster that has taken everything from you. Is it ever right to kill instead of forgive?

Mother Catfish was supported in development by the Act II Festival, London, 2019. As part of the festival the play was given a rehearsed reading performance at the Arcola Theatre, directed by Chloe Vollenweider. 


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