The New Theatre, Dublin, 2016

Photography by Dónal Kennedy and Jamie Hooper

About the play

Mercury tells the story of Jane, a young woman who goes missing on a camping trip. Era, her friend, struggles to cope with what has happened. Gradually Era's memories unearth the complex relationship she had with Jane, her feelings for her, and the challenges of grieving for a friend who was never supposed to die. 


Mercury originated in workshops conducted with community mental health volunteers in the summer of 2015. Material and testimonies gathered from the workshops was shaped into the first draft of a story.

Performed at The New Theatre, Dublin, 2016.


Director's note (Sophie Cairns)

Mercury is Era's story. It is her love, her loss, her struggle. Everything we see on stage is that. The writing captures the complexity of mourning. When Era's memories become too much, they are replaced by dinosaurs, whales, astronauts. Era is given a chance to remember Jane as she wants to remember her. 

Poster by Donal Kennedy and Jamie Hooper

Photography by Dónal Kennedy and Jamie Hooper

Production information

Directed by Sophie Cairns

Written by James Ireland

Performed by Martha Grant, Orla Devlin, and Oisin Porter

Produced by Cyclamen Theatre & The New Theatre, James Ireland, Joe Murphy, and Alanna Lawlor


Set by Luke Casserly

Lighting by Ciaran Gallagher

Costume by Sorcha Flanagan

Sound by Richard Durning

Puppetry Design by Jack Nolan

Puppetry Build: Jack Nolan, James Ireland, Sadie Devane, and Catríona Maloney

Puppetry Operation: Alice Bellamy and Oisin Porter

Stage Management: Jennifer Aust​

Assistant Stage Management: Allie Whelan

Production Management: Nathanael O'Leary

Graphic Design: Dónal Kennedy and Jamie Hooper

With thanks to workshop participants AR, FK, EP, and JAOK.

Video trailer for New Theatre run with original music by Richard Durning


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