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Photography by James Ireland   

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Cooking the Vegan Salmon of Knowledge

UPCOMING: 15-17 September (13:00) (plus 15:15 on 17th) (35 mins.)

The New Theatre, Temple Bar

Dublin Fringe Festival 2022

Supported by PAN PAN Platform


Photography by Pranav Darshan

15-17 September (13:00, also 15:15 on 17th)

The New Theatre, Dublin

Duration: 35 mins

About the Play

An experimental 35-minute live cooking performance for our future.

This isn’t the first ecological catastrophe we’ve created. 10,000 years ago, human societies across the world changed from hunter-gathering to agricultural lifestyles. We’d hunted our food off the face of the earth. We’re making another catastrophe now.


Join James Ireland as they cook a vegan version of smoked salmon, using the ingredients to have a conversation about the history of food, and human impact on the environment in deep time.


Creative team

Directed by Kate Bauer

Written and performed by James Ireland

Music by James Ireland

Produced by James Ireland and Bradán

Supported by PAN PAN Platform

About Bradán

Bradán is a collaboration between Kate Bauer and James Ireland, who met in Dublin on a theatre undergrad in 2012.


We make ecological theatre, often with live music. We talk a lot about how difficult subjects like the climate can be to think about all the time. The last thing we’d want is to make a depressing climate show for people to sit through – there’s enough of that in our daily lives. We want to create work that energises, work that opens spaces for contemplation and coming together, and work that gives back. We create work for the future.

Bradán's debut show My Lover Was a Salmon in the Climate Apocalypse won the Staging Change x VAULT award for ecologically-conscious development, and premiered at Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Fringe 2022. Bradán's work has been called "a masterclass of gig theatre" (Everything Theatre), "the best gig theatre I've seen" (Rosie Bowden), and "eco-political theatre at its best" (audience testimony).

Follow our journey as we create the show!

Instagram @bradantheatre


Twitter @bradantheatre

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Photography by Pranav Darshan


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